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Get a Summer Body in just 4 Weeks!Ayesha Rajah

 01/09/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah

 Hello Spring! Yay, Summer is on its way! What a wonderful feeling…. for a fleeting moment that is, until I realise there will be a very thin suite of armour in summer covering up all those extra kilos piled on during the winter months. My bubble of delight is instantly shattered! 

All the #wintermustfall chanting I have been doing for weeks suddenly seems a little over zealous. On second thought, No I don’t think I could bear another 15deg day, so it’s time to get a summer body, in a real hurry!


20/09/2016 - By Tracy Cheketri

So Spring has almost sprung and I’m sure everyone is looking at their skin thinking... Time for a makeover! 

I know I am! Being a medi-aesthetics therapist with over 10 years’ experience in the field of Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Capillary Cautry and Hair Removal, I always feel the skin needs a make-over at least once a year. Having achieved amazing results at my own laser clinic, Urban Bliss Wellness Spa invited me to join their incredible team as one of their Specialists in Laser Treatments.

I love spring cleaning!!! I generally find any excuse to spring clean my home!  I find it completely rejuvenating for my soul to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months and kick off Spring/Summer with a refresh, clean home. Hence we kick start a programme to Get a Summer Body and Summer Skin in Spring!

My New BeginningAyesha Rajah

04/05/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah

They say clarity is a product of adversity; it’s almost as if your experiences in life mould you onto the path you take. That very path led me to my New Beginning- Urban Bliss Wellness Spa… Emphasis on the word Wellness!
A little insight into my last few years – I suffered with chronic digestive issues, insane sinusitis to inflammation of nerves causing migraines, let’s not mention having nerve block injections, so painful that would make half the springbok rugby team cry. And they made no difference!  I don’t know what was more painful the injections or the hole it burnt into my pocket, I felt an onset of a migraine just looking at the bill!