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Top 5 Achievable Skin GoalsAyesha Rajah

06/01/2018 - By Ayesha Rajah

So here I am with New Year Resolutions, full of hope and confidence on 1st January, Gung-ho, really determined, and then very quickly raise my hands in resignation. Leaving me completely deflated by the 6th January as my resolutions fly out of the window. Sound familiar?

How about not setting huge resolutions in stone that are impossible to stick to. Rather set smaller lifestyle goals that are more achievable to commit to and accomplish. I have compiled just such a list for your skin.

Happy 2018

Here are my top 5 skincare goals that will navigate a course to more radiant and glowing skin:

1. Exfoliate - I am sure I have mentioned this before, if I was stuck on a desert island having only two products in my vanity bag, what would they be? Exfoliator and sunblock, undoubtedly!
My suggestion is to start off using an exfoliator once a week and work your way up to twice a week (yes, a week, not a month). If you are prone to drier skin, you can increase the use to three times a week.

As I said this needs to become a way of life, if you are having difficulty with committing to the above routine ask your beauty therapist to recommend exfoliators that can be used while you are in the shower.


2. Sun Protection - no negotiation here. The earlier this becomes a habit in your daily routine the better. You will thank me in your 40’s and 50’s.

I often get the question, “I never go directly into the sun, so do I still need a daily sunblock?” And the answer is absolutely. Our sun is incredibly harsh and just driving to and from work, especially in summer, and cause unnecessary skin damage. I prefer using an additional SPF over my day cream, ranging from SPF30-SPF50, season dependant. There are great options available that are oil-free and have a non-whitening finish. If you are timed starved than I would suggest you look out for a SPF and Day Cream all-in-one.

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3. Clean Your Cell Phone - believe it or not, pimples and pustules can be caused by germ-riddled mobile devices. It makes sense if you think about it, we leave our phones lying around on different surfaces all day, including bathrooms, all of which have an array of dust, dirt and grime, easily transferred onto your mobile phone, which in turn touches your face.

You should be disinfesting your phone once a day and be cautious on the surfaces you place your phone. Oh yes, and don’t take it into bathrooms.

clean Cellphone

4. Switch to Mineral Make-Up - there is no turning back for me. It was definitely the best shift I ever made! It is light, non-greasy, yet non-drying and the best part of all, it feels like skin, looks like skin and breathes like skin. I use a mineral make-up that doubles as a skin treatment product because of the potent minerals inside, it treats pigmentation, acne and redness with an added benefit, it’s anti-aging too.

There is a misconception that mineral make-up is going to be powdery once applied to the skin. Not true - as once you blend the minerals into the skin, its texture turns into a creamy like consistency.

Mineral make-up is a win-win for everyone as you can achieve the look you want depending on how you apply it. For a lighter more natural look, apply just one or two layers, or apply multiple layers for a heaver coverage.

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5. Keep your Hands Off Your Face - this is a hard one, I know. It is so tempting to become a world-class pimple-popper, but on a serious note there are several reasons why not to: spreading infection and bacteria for one, but more importantly to avoid causing blemishes and hyperpigmentation from picking your skin. I often see more damage caused by what I term ‘bathroom surgery’ than not. Picking your skin can also lead to more serious problems like severe scarring and deep pitted marks on the skin.

Leave it to the professionals and book monthly deep cleansing facials or invest in a product that zaps spots in their tracks.