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Quick Slimming for a Mom On-the-Go Nonhle Round

07/12/2016 - By Nonhle Thema

Being a mom is my number one priority, but with that goes looking good and feeling great as I am constantly in the public eye. Earlier this year, I landed at a spa called Urban Bliss as they were the venue for the DSTV channel 190- ED TV ‘The Girlz’ talk show. I was little confused if there was a spa or not by the unassuming entrance. To my surprise it was beautiful and serene, an oasis in the city. But an interview awaited me and the pressures of the job started building up. 
While waiting I enquired about what they had to offer and the one treatment that caught my ear was the Sculpt Zone Wrap (AKA  The Fat Wrap as it better known) by Phytomer. I was intrigued to hear I could do express treatments, 1 treatment a day for 3 days and loose centimetres! My excitement grew when I found out that I could lose up to a dress size in 6 to 8 treatments. Let’s do the maths. That means 2 treatments a week for 3- 4 weeks. In a month I could fit into that dress I have always wanted. This was music to my ears, because that very weekend I had a celebrity function to go to and needed to look my best.

Get a Summer Body in just 4 Weeks!Ayesha Rajah

 01/09/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah

 Hello Spring! Yay, Summer is on its way! What a wonderful feeling…. for a fleeting moment that is, until I realise there will be a very thin suite of armour in summer covering up all those extra kilos piled on during the winter months. My bubble of delight is instantly shattered! 

All the #wintermustfall chanting I have been doing for weeks suddenly seems a little over zealous. On second thought, No I don’t think I could bear another 15deg day, so it’s time to get a summer body, in a real hurry!