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A Moment for You

Mother’s day has come and gone and your family spend the entire day celebrating you. They spoilt you and show their appreciation by showering you with gifts and it is wonderful, but what happens the rest of the year…..

The demand of modern day motherhood is like being a Cirque du Sole’ trapeze artist and juggler warp up in one! It’s a never ending juggling/balancing act between; lift schemes, extra murals and school projects, running a household and a husband, work, trying to catch up with friends and arranging kid’s playdates.  Is this how you feel?...

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Take a Moment for YOU! Not only once a year but at least once a month just to breathe….an hour or 2 just to gather your thoughts, to feed your soul and      re-boot… it would be nice to look great while you have had some ME time too!            
After all if you in a better state of wellbeing you have more mental and physical energy for your family. Make the time for you because if you don’t know one else will!

My suggestions:

1. Massages, facials, reflexology they will not only make you feel better but look more radiant too.
2. A good mani and pedi is essential, with all that juggling your hands are always on show.
3. A detox wrap works wonders as an energy boost.

back wrap
4. A long hot bath with bath therapy products like Phytomer’s Oligomer Pure which is a pure Sea Water Concentrate…feels like a mini-break, great for relieving tension.
5. Tea and cake with your girlfriends, nothing can replace a good laugh.
6. A colour, cut and blow to finish off the look.

super mom
Pop in and let us ease some of life’s stress; you will feel like you can take on the world and look fab while doing it!