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 Trending Nail Colours for Autumn 

Having worked as a beauty therapist on various Cruise Liners for 3 years I always needed to be kept abreast with the tending nail colours internationally.  It’s no different now that I am back on land and have retired from “ship life”. 

I found my new home at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa, for the past 2 years which is based in Emmarentia, and continue to research and keep up to date on what are the hottest colours for the season in the world of nails. 

As a therapist you always have your favourite treatments you love and enjoy doing, like you would have your oh so favourite black dress... I simply have a passion for nails, nails, nails…. Manicures and Pedicures. Oh yes, and Massage too!

 I believe it is important for any and every women to put their best foot forward and exude a sense of confidence, that’s why at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa we take care of you from Head to Toe to enable you to do just that.

 Imagine you have a high powered meeting and you step into the board room with the most perfect Hot Red Nails, finished with a perfect shimmer….that indicates you here to close a deal and you mean business or you going on a first date and you the French manicure type of women which is a fresher and cleaner look that goes with any outfit. You feel a lot more confident making hand gestures hands, I guarantee. 

Take for example our client at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa, actress Anel Alexander who graced the cover of Rooi Rose lately. Chatting about her Award winning movie ‘Sink’ in which she starred and produced. To finish her flawless look and accentuate the colour of clothes in the shoot we choose ‘I Theodora you’ from OPI. She looked amazing and radiated confidence.

Anel 3

Here are some of my top picks for the hottest hues and latest Nail Colour trends  

 at the Moment:


My Client Tandi Reilly was kind enough to be my hand model for this shoot, she loved Tickle me France-y (the colour in the middle) so much that she and chosen the colour for her upcoming wedding. My choice of colours- ‘Barefoot in Barcelona’, ‘Tickle my France-y’, ‘I Theodora you

Nail Blog 2

My Tip is to always take heed of your skin tone to the colour nail vanish you have on as not all colours suite all skin tones. But these colours from O.P.I are fabulous to match with any outfit this season as well as any skin tone. 



A must O.P.I colour -’Can’t find my czechbook’  

Is a dusty Aqua blue crème, which changes like your mood. In the sunlight it has a much brighter popping look. But in the shade it appears more muted with a deeper tone, almost looking a few shades darker. Your friends will be wondering how you manage to change your colour so often, shoo our secret…


                                                                    Sunlight                                                                                    Shade                                                                                 

                                                  1                                             2c


I am Obsessed with O.P.I’s -’Your such a Budapest’ 

This beautiful purple colour and is not an everyday plain Jane colour you may see on everyone. Wearing this colour will definitely separate you from the rest. This is a ‘Hello, I have arrived colour” which will make you feel confident and leave you feeling on top of the world!

So try the blue and purple together, they complement each other so well. If you want to bring out your funky personality, this is so for you!