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Get a Summer Body in just 4 Weeks!

Hello Spring! Yay, Summer is on its way! What a wonderful feeling…. for a fleeting moment that is, until I realise there will be a very thin suite of armour in summer covering up all those extra kilos piled on during the winter months. My bubble of delight is instantly shattered! 

All the #wintermustfall chanting I have been doing for weeks suddenly seems a little over zealous. On second thought, No I don’t think I could bear another 15deg day, so it’s time to get a summer body, in a real hurry!

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So ladies, here is my multi-layered, full proof strategy on how to get rid of those extra kilos, slim down the waist line, eradicate cellulite (a girl can always wish), ok so be more realistic reduce cellulite and feel more body confident. This is the first of a series of blogs that will take you through it step by step, but for an overview:

Sculpt Zone Wraps by Phytomer (loose up to a dress size in 6-8 wraps)

Oligomer Silhouette baths sachets by Phytomer- lose weight and detox whilst taking a bath

Eating programme and juicing 

Exercise- incorporated with my own cardio add on Pilates

8 glasses of H2O a day

Laser hair removal- can’t wait to have hair free legs!

Self-tanning sessions for those of you that want look like you have just come back from an exotic island.  


Sculpt Zone Wraps

Written about in Professional Beauty magazine and endorsed by celebrities like Nonhle Thema, ladies this wrap really works! It’s one of the most radical contouring result treatments for excess curves, cellulite and centimetre loss we offer at Urban Bliss wellness Spa. You have 2 options-

1. 3Day Express Course to help you fit into that outfit that is a snag too tight. You the one that you need to hold your breath before zipping up. Yes, 3 sessions in 1 week will get you there.

2. 6-8 Wraps done 2x a week feels like there is a fairy god mother after all. Doing this course with a healthy eating programme and the Oligomer Silhouette bath sachets (see below) will lead to losing up to a dress size in just 4 weeks! 

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The wrap targets abdomen, buttocks and thigh areas, it involves- an exfoliation, a thermal bubbling mud applied from waist to knees called the Thermo Sculpting Wrap that is left on for 20min. The main active ingredient, Pepper Slim Activ is 8x more potent than caffeine for slimming. It works synergistically with the self-heating wrap for maximum benefits to promote contouring and trigger a lypolytic effect (or lipolysis which is the process whereby fat stored in cells is broken down). The heating effect also triggers detoxification.

Once the wrap is showered off, a targeted massage with Contouring Massage Concentrate is conducted which promotes drainage and reduces the orange peel effect. The treatment is finished off with high efficacy product called Celluli Attack which has a perfect dose for both contouring and is a drastic treatment for cellulite and visible dimpling. 

 celluli attack

Should you have it? The answer is yes, if you have-

A few extra kilos you finding hard to shed 

To kick start your metabolism or if you have reached a plateau in your weight

Suffer from cellulite or saddles bags (muffin top - the trending name at the moment)

Have post pregnancy weight Quick Slimming for a Mom On-the-Go

Suffer from the ‘Yoyo Effect’, your weight bounces up and down

Want a good detoxification

Pre and post-menopausal women

Oligomer Silhouette Baths Sachets

I know it sounds absolutely crazy when I say you can lose weight while bathing! But I am in no way exaggerating the fact. OLIGOMER® SILHOUETTE Contouring Enhancer Marine Bath is a Contouring Booster Bath Powder. The combination of 4 unique ingredients assists to boost the slimming effect and maintain the equilibrium between Lipogenesis (conversion of food/carbohydrates into fat so that it may be stored as a long-term source of energy) and Lipolysis. In other words the balance between fat storage and fat breakdown. 

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It comes in a box of 8 sachets, used 2x a week to complete a 4 week programme and has proven measured results for Contouring. You just add 1 sachet into a lukewarm bath and the powder has a heating effect, raising the bath temp which promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification as well. Lay in the bath for 15-20min take a quick shower or just rinse off any residue, Voila! 

I will be the first to admit that no matter how alluring quick fix miracles sound there is no quick fix. But hey, a little magical assistant is always great. You got to give it the time and commitment if you serious about getting a great summer body!

At Urban Bliss we can offer you a customised programme to help re-shape your figure and if you yearn to have smoother cellulite free skin, you must try the treatments above. 

Now for the outlay a course of 6 Sculpt zone wraps cost R3540 and a box of bath sachets R830. Exciting news for all you Urban Bliss fans-we have developed a great offer on ‘Get the #summerbody you deserve’ see below…..