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Quick Slimming for a Mom On-the-Go


Being a mom is my number one priority, but with that goes looking good and feeling great as I am constantly in the public eye. Earlier this year, I landed at a spa called Urban Bliss as they were the venue for the DSTV channel 190- ED TV ‘The Girlz’ talk show. I was little confused if there was a spa or not by the unassuming entrance. To my surprise it was beautiful and serene, an oasis in the city. But an interview awaited me and the pressures of the job started building up.

While waiting I enquired about what they had to offer and the one treatment that caught my ear was the Sculpt Zone Wrap (AKA  The Fat Wrap as it better known) by Phytomer. I was intrigued to hear I could do express treatments, 1 treatment a day for 3 days and loose centimetres! My excitement grew when I found out that I could lose up to a dress size in 6 to 8 treatments. Let’s do the maths. That means 2 treatments a week for 3- 4 weeks. In a month I could fit into that dress I have always wanted. This was music to my ears, because that very weekend I had a celebrity function to go to and needed to look my best.

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With my busy schedule, I still manage to find time to go to the gym. I have a set goal weight I would like to reach and I am working hard to reach it. The only problem that I have been experiencing is what I have been told is a ‘plateau with my weight’ and could not seem to shift my weight, no matter what I did. So I thought; what do I actually have to lose other than the weight and reach my goal? Sign me up for the very next appointment, I need express help!

My experience was wonderful. The treatment started with a warm salt scrub all over the body. This was to remove a few layers of dead skin cells so that the wrap could work better, but most importantly to improve my blood circulation to the skin, especially around my thighs. 

Then the wrap, mixed with warm water, turned into a mousse consistency and warmed up on its own. It was applied to specific areas of the body, mainly where I hold my cellulite; the back ‘love-handles’ area, stomach where all the- after baby fat remained, the thighs and buttocks. The wrap tingled and I could literally feel the bubbles popping on my skin. And it kept warm. What a Magical feeling! And all this made possible by 2 very active ingredients: the Pepper SlimActive and the Self-Heating Complex. The Purpose of the wrap is to detox the body of the toxins that create the fat in the cellulite cells and also break down fat. 

Sculpt Zone Wrap

 After a good 20 minutes of being in the wrap, I was massaged with a gel-like medium which was said to help move the Lymph, but also contour my body into shape, then lastly sealed with a serum called Celluli Attack. My spa therapist at Urban Bliss said the serum would continue to combat the cellulite long after the treatment. 

To my delight and surprise I could already see a big difference in the texture of my skin just after the one treatment! It was brighter, smoother and felt a lot softer. After the second treatment, which was the very next day, I went to the gym and jumped on the scale and realised that the plateau was broken. The wrap managed to reboot my metabolism so I could lose. After the third wrap, I felt like I had more energy to handle life. Yay! all a girls prayers answered!!!

After this whole experience I was given a box of Bath Sachets called Oligomer Silhouette Contour Enhancer Marine Bath from a Marine brand called Phytomer to enhance the effects of the wrap. Even though I am a mom, and my daughter refuses to let me out of her sight, these bath sachets allowed me some me time. I had to run a warm bath and empty one sachet into the tub. I lit some candle and submerged my body into the bath. Closed my eyes for 20 minutes and that was my alone time for a greater good… to be a relaxed energetic mom. Two baths later and my jeans definitely felt looser. Get a Summer Body in just 4 Weeks!

 Oligomer Silhouette Bath Sachets

Visit Urban Bliss Spa and become the Yummy Mummy you want to be.