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Get a Summer Body in just 4 Weeks!Ayesha Rajah

 01/09/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah

 Hello Spring! Yay, Summer is on its way! What a wonderful feeling…. for a fleeting moment that is, until I realise there will be a very thin suite of armour in summer covering up all those extra kilos piled on during the winter months. My bubble of delight is instantly shattered! 

All the #wintermustfall chanting I have been doing for weeks suddenly seems a little over zealous. On second thought, No I don’t think I could bear another 15deg day, so it’s time to get a summer body, in a real hurry!

A Moment for YouAyesha Rajah

 05/05/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah 

Mother’s day has come and gone and your family spend the entire day celebrating you. They spoilt you and show their appreciation by showering you with gifts and it is wonderful, but what happens the rest of the year…..

The demand of modern day motherhood is like being a Cirque du Sole’ trapeze artist and juggler warp up in one! It’s a never ending juggling/balancing act between; lift schemes, extra murals and school projects, running a household and a husband, work, trying to catch up with friends and arranging kid’s playdates.  Is this how you feel?...

Trending Nail Colours for AutumnRukaiya Round

25/05/2016 - By Rukaiyah van Wyk

 Having worked as a beauty therapist on various Cruise Liners for 3 years I always needed to be kept abreast with the tending nail colours internationally.  It’s no different now that I am back on land and have retired from “ship life”. 

I found my new home at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa, for the past 2 years which is based in Emmarentia, and continue to research and keep up to date on what are the hottest colours for the season in the world of nails. 

With Love to Mom…Ayesha Rajah

05/05/2016 - By Ayesha Rajah

Yes, Mother’s Day is around the corner! It’s a chance to let one of the most important lady’s in your life know how much she is valued.
We  all have every intention to find the perfect gift , months in advance but inevitably run around doing last minute shopping and having to settle for the so, so gift (t will do but you know it’s not your best effort). Fear not, here are some great last minute unique gift ideas Mom, Mother, Ma or Momsy will love: