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5 Reasons to Peel

Is Pollution Damaging Your Skin?Ayesha Rajah

14/07/2017 - By Ayesha Rajah

We are well-versed on the detrimental effects of toxic fumes to the body (with cigarette smoke being the primary culprit).
But have you thought of what effects those same toxic fumes have on your skin?

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Pollution has come into the spotlight over the last few years as cosmopolitan areas in most parts of the world become overly congested. Urbanites little realise that pollution has a detrimental effect on skin. Skin conditions ranging from acne to pigmentation stem from pollution.

Starting With the Right Foundationlerato round 2

18/10/2016 - By Lerato Tlhame

Have you ever come up to a makeup counter and felt, ever so intimidated? You don’t know what to look for and the makeup consultants are not even willing to assist, so they gaze like “you should be very guilty, because every woman should know what colour foundation they are.” So you pretend to know what you doing and you test the colour on your hand. “Looks right, this is the colour, YIP! I will buy it”, is what you say to convince yourself and the consultant, that you know exactly what you are doing! ... And You are Proud! ... Stand Proud Girl, You Know What You’re Doing!

It is date night and this is the day to try that new foundation you so expertly found. “You are going to look great!” you tell yourself.  And then the moment of truth arrives and you look like you had a fight with the flour.

KEEP CALM! AND FACIAL ON!StyleXplora Waseema Round

26/03/2017- StyeXplora: Fashion Hijab Makeup Lifesyle


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How to Be Forever Ageless from your 20's- 60'sAyesha Rajah

11/08/2016- By Ayesha Rajah

When I think of an Ageless Beauty- Audrey Hepburn immediately springs to mind. She epitomised confident-elegance throughout her life, I love this quote by her ‘the beauty of a women grows with passing years’. 

It really is not about on fixating on what age you are but rather enjoying being in the skin you are in at any age. Embracing Aging is a daunting concept but so liberating at the same time…be mindful and live in the now rather than wasting precious moments looking for new age spots or smiling less, trying to avert new expression lines!