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 The Men's facial

In preparation for Father’s Day and your family wanting to spoil you, I wanted to give you some insight on what to expect from a men’s facial, just in case this is you receive one as a gift or you want to spoil yourself. 

I am sure you are thinking, facials… “Not for me! What dark force is this? It’s such a chick thing to do! “ And I am here to tell you “Not in 2016”. You will not need a Jedi knight to save you from the dark side! The experience of having a facial is a good one I promise! Plus it’s so worth it in the long run. 

Gone are the days where facials are perceived as women's only territory. There are more men having facials than ever before and the likes of Beckham and Ronaldo have set the trend for good male grooming. Look around your boardroom; nobody sports bad skin or hairy ears anymore!

Dave Beckham

It’s not just rubbing lots of creams into your skin. It's actually treatment based. Good skin is good skin and who doesn't want good skin?  Radiant, bright, healthy and problem free, facials can help you get there. Especially for men’s skin as there are more oil glands found than in women and you shave on a daily basis which constantly abrades the skin. 

Over and above, why should your glaring blackheads on your nose be a constant reminder that your daily soap routine is just not cutting it or feel conscience about your large pores that are starting to have the resemblance of the big hole in Kimberley! If you want to do something about them but you are unsure what to expect in a men's facial here is the break down.....

 Manly Man 

Booking an appointment is essential, I would suggest that you do it at the end of a work day or on the weekend when you more relaxed and can enjoy the experience. At Urban Bliss Wellness Spa we offer a variety of Men Facial treatments which can include a back scrub, back cleanse, ear wax, eyebrow trim and clean-up or ingrown hair (razor bump) treatment. Fear not, just book the hour Men’s facial and your therapist will advise you on the rest.

Once you arrive a detailed consultation card will be handed to you to fill out and I urge you to state clearly the concerns you have. So if your 12pm oil shine grates you then clearly state oily skin is a problem. Our treatments are tailor made for each individual. Thereafter you will be ushered into a room, and depending on the type of facial you book you may be asked to remove your shirt in preparation for a shoulder massage and asked to lay on your back.

A cleansing routine will begin; similar to how you wash your face at home but just a little more thoroughly with the use of a professional cleanser, exfoliator and toner. A gentle warm steam is then directed to the most congested areas of your face to facilitate extractions. Unfortunately those nasty blackheads really do need to come out. The process of extraction is never a fun one but absolutely essential to maintain a good and healthy skin. 

This is then followed by, in my opinion, the best part of the facial a massage of the face or shoulders or both (in a Deep Cleansing Facial there is no massage).  A specific mask is then applied to the face for approximately 10min. Don’t jump up yet, the mask needs to be rinsed off and a moisturiser will be applied, ideal for your skin type and with a SPF (sunscreen) cover.

Phytomer Man

Sometimes there is slight redness which might last for an hour or so but the skin will be visibly cleaner, brighter and more supple. I suggest doing a facial once a month to every six weeks for best results and maintenance especially for an oily, congested skin. 


So what’s the damage? We offer the Oslo Men’s Facial at Urban Bliss at R471.00 with the option of customising it specifically for you.