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 Dry Skin Solutions

Dry, chafing, tight, uncomfortable skin... sound familiar? Yes, we are a month away from winter being over but make no mistake the harsh symptoms of a winter skin, linger long after. Fighting dry skin conditions needs a multi-level combat strategy! So here we go....

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 For Dry, Tight Skin

Layering your skincare products is no different to how you would layer your clothing in winter. The more delicate and supple the layers the better protected your skin will be against the harsh external environment. 5 PRODUCTS TO RESCUE YOUR SKIN THIS WINTER!

Your personal skincare routine should be as follows: 

Add on a serum/concentrate into your routine under your moisturiser.                                                                                                        

  •   For a drier skin, I would recommend an oil serum or richer textured product.  
  •   For an oily skin, severe dehydration comes as a surprise but winter takes no prisoners. A light gel serum will be suited for you.

Exfoliate two to three times a week, followed by a rich hydrating mask. 

A multi-functionality rich plumping night cream is also suggested as it will be both regenerating and nourishing. 

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Chafing, Red Skin 

For skin that goes red in a split second, you need a completely different approach. Wind burn, overheating and a compromised skin barrier all contribute to hot, chafed uncomfortable skin. 

 Try this....

Apply a barrier cream under your moisturiser to re-build the immunity of the skin. 

Wear a sun protection and barrier cream when cycling and running to curb wind burn. 

This skin needs hydration and nourishment so be on the lookout for a richer day/night cream that provides both. 

Add a serum with a cream/oil texture to boost nourishment

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Facials are essential to keep skin well maintained and alleviate dryness; at Urban Bliss we offer a personalised experience, tailoring facials that meet your specific skin needs. We can adjust our facial treatments using different levels of exfoliations, serums, masks, massage mediums and techniques for maximum benefits. One of our serums feels like a water bath for the skin…. Your skin will feel like it's been on a holiday to Mauritius, now isn’t that absolute heaven! 

 If you are unsure of what products to use or facial treatments to have, book a complimentary, no obligation skin consultation with us at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa. Consider my team of highly trained amazing therapists your personal Skin Experts, who will gladly steer you in the right direction to softer, suppler skin.