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How to Be Forever Ageless from your 20's- 60's

When I think of an Ageless Beauty- Audrey Hepburn immediately springs to mind. She epitomised confident-elegance throughout her life, I love this quote by her ‘the beauty of a women grows with passing years’. 

It really is not about on fixating on what age you are but rather enjoying being in the skin you are in at any age. Embracing Aging is a daunting concept but so liberating at the same time…be mindful and live in the now rather than wasting precious moments looking for new age spots or smiling less, trying to avert new expression lines!

Audrey Hepburn

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t take care of yourself, in actual fact I am saying invest in you. Devote time for yourself to the best of your ability but in the same breath embrace who you are, wrinkles, warts and all! Just be comfortable in your own skin.

Women today want to be less defined by their age, think of all the power house celebrities paving the way for this trend like Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone and Helen Mirren. Susan Sarandon at her age of 69 is the new face of L’Oreal Paris, hip, hip hooray! 

                                                                     Susan Sarandan 69Jane Fonda Body Measurements 1

                                                                                                          Courtesy of upi.com & celebrity.net (repsectivley)

Setting a good foundation for anything in life, yields great benefit. Think of Jane Fonda and her years of aerobics.  So if you aspire to attain confident-elegance when you older, start early.  Here is a quick run-down of how to start taking care of your skin in your- 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond:


Prevention is better than Cure! I firmly stand by this; an eye cream should be introduced in about your mid 20’s and I can’t stress enough about daily Sunblock application. Ensure that it is a UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF, min SPF30. Reapply multiple times when exposed to the sun for long periods. Regular facials or deep cleansing treatments will assist to maintain a clean healthy skin.




Invest in Good Skincare! This is the age to do it at as your skin functions begin to slow down not only Collagen production but vital Skin Stem Cells too. Go for natural stem cell boosting ingredients for instance, Swiss apple or Marine based products. It’s a bonus if there are added ingredients with anti-aging benefits in the product. It is best to start on a regular professional skincare programme with at least a facial once a month.

 SkinDoctors Youth Cell 50ml


Set a Good Foundation, Get Serious! Unfortunately you do begin to see some drastic changes in your skin. There is arsenal of magical things in my bag of tricks that I can recommend but at the risk of veering off course, here is the quick breakdown: Ensure that these ingredients are included into your regime- AHA’s, Peptides and Retinol A. 

The nasty tell-tale areas for women are her neck, eyes and hands; hence a neck cream is essential to add and an upgrade your eye cream to a richer more targeted product. In terms of professional treatments ask for variations from your therapist like lifting and firming and peel treatments. At Urban Bliss we offer a personalised programme targeting exactly your concerns.

 I feel like we are on a real precipice of change where this naturally you, self-expectance concept is about to explode, how fortunate are we ladies!(my whole warts and all remark) Take Cameron Diaz who has just released a new book called The Longevity- the science of aging, the biology of strength and the privilege of time. I love the cover of her book! 

"I have lived long enough to have learned these lessons, to have earned these relationships, to have discovered all these new layers of myself that I didn't know existed years ago—or that haven't yet developed," she writes. She describes the book as a new conversation about aging- how to do it with strength, grace, health and wisdom. Check this out, celebrities doing

 #Make-upfreemondays http://www.celebuzz.com/2016-01-18/cameron-diaz-no-makeup-free-monday-instagram-longevity-book-cover/ 

Cameran Diaz


Adapt to Your Body Changing! ‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty: it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty’ Coco Chanel. A bold statement but yet so true. My suggestions Bio-tech ingredients (all natural but provides cosmeceutical results), cocktail of antioxidants, DNA Enzyme repair and focused on skin elasticity. 

I remember once seeing an image of Joan Collins (a blast from the past) she looked amazing! Her face looked about 50years but her knees on the other hand looked 80years old. Invest in target products for hands and décolleté, especially for the dreaded sun damaged V-neck line, knees and legs. 

Ask you therapist for advice as you need all the above ingredients to be included into your facials with a huge emphasis on increasing cellular renewal, pluming and firming.


60’s ….

Tender, Love and Care! The lack of hormones is a game changer, just how you would supplement your body, is how you would look out for products that have ingredients to supplement your skin. It really is exactly the same from Omega 3 to calcium. The skin also loses density and it is apparent by how easy it gets hot, red and uncomfortable, you can see through it much easier as well. 

Re-building the integrity of the skin and its barrier functions are high priority in both the treatments you have and products you choose. I also suggest targeting the Age-Triangle whereby the focus is on re-defining skin architecture. Basically lifting your jowls back to your cheeks! And lastly Nourishment, nourishment nourishment! Feed your skin like you feed your soul. 


                                                                                                                  Courtesy of CosMedocs.co.uk

I know being comfortable in your own skin comes with maturity but instilling a sense of self love into younger women is a cause we should all invest in!

If you want to discover more about ageless beauty, come and listen to my talk on the 20th of August at Urban Bliss Wellness Spa at the ageless Beauty Event.  I will uncover more about ingredients, treatments and products that will keep you looking your best at every age. There will also be a team of experts talking about anti-aging from a nutrition and medi-aesthetics perspective…..don’t miss out!