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 Starting With the Right Foundation


Have you ever come up to a makeup counter and felt, ever so intimidated? You don’t know what to look for and the makeup consultants are not even willing to assist, so they gaze like “you should be very guilty, because every woman should know what colour foundation they are.” So you pretend to know what you doing and you test the colour on your hand. “Looks right, this is the colour, YIP! I will buy it”, is what you say to convince yourself and the consultant, that you know exactly what you are doing! ... And You are Proud! ... Stand Proud Girl, You Know What You’re Doing!

It is date night and this is the day to try that new foundation you so expertly found. “You are going to look great!” you tell yourself.  And then the moment of truth arrives and you look like you had a fight with the flour.

 Kim K


Help is clearly needed. When all else fails at the make-up department, just ask them for a wet wipe and clean any make-up on your jawline. Then choose the colours that are closest to your skin colour. The purpose of this is to get the colour that matches you neck and face so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask. Apply the makeup from the jawline towards the neck and place the colours next to each other. The one that looks most natural is the colour for you.

Great makeup requires a great foundation therefore the skin needs to be prepared correctly. A good cleanse and exfoliation is a must, and we cannot stress it enough, but MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE… and SUN SCREEN.

At Urban Bliss Wellness Spa we can definitely take care of your skin with our personalised facials according to your skin’s needs. We also have foundations for the skin that can be a part of a good skin care regime and takes away from the fuss and strain of understanding too much about make up.


Priori Coffee Berry Minerals come in different shades. They have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of visible signs of skin ageing, fine lines and pigmentation. It diminishes the appearance of problem prone skin and reduces redness and the appearance of Rosacea. It has a SPF 25 and delivers great coverage. So that means this makeup will stop me from ageing and it’s natural! ... I need this in my bag now.

Phytomer CC Crème on the other hand is for the busy lady who needs a simple and basic skin care regime. This cream is a moisturiser with a barely there texture but good coverage and a SPF20. Moisture levels boosted up to 95% after a month of usage and skin is naturally evened out up to 86% after a month’s worth of usage. Plus this is an intelligent cream, all skin colours and tones can use it and it blends naturally. What am I waiting for?

 CC Creme

I hope on the 29th of October 2016 at the Urban Bliss Wellness Spa’s makeup pop-up store I will be able to get my hands on these 2 incredible products.

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