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So Spring has almost sprung and I’m sure everyone is looking at their skin thinking... Time for a makeover! 

I know I am! Being a medi-aesthetics therapist with over 10 years’ experience in the field of Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Capillary Cautry and Hair Removal, I always feel the skin needs a make-over at least once a year. Having achieved amazing results at my own laser clinic, Urban Bliss Wellness Spa invited me to join their incredible team as one of their Specialists in Laser Treatments.

I love spring cleaning!!! I generally find any excuse to spring clean my home!  I find it completely rejuvenating for my soul to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months and kick off Spring/Summer with a refresh, clean home. Hence we kick start a programme to Get a Summer Body and Summer Skin in Spring!


Well as much as I love getting into those hard to reach places at home, I love tackling those ‘hard to reach’ places on the skin as well!  Tackling those stubborn problems that traditional skin care regimes just cannot reach.  I’m sure all of us look at our skin and are able to spot a problem that we have either neglected for years or a problem that we simply can’t find a solution to.  Well I have one...


I would like to introduce everyone to the revolutionary ELLIPSE LIGHT system, for safe and effective removal of:


Environmental damage (Sun damage)

Unwanted hair.

 The system is FDA approved and European Certified as a medical device for such treatment so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Let’s go back to the beginning....

I must apologise in advance for this blog sounding like a grade 12 Science lesson, but I find that when my clients fully understand the physics and the physiology behind the treatment, it is easier to stick to treatment protocols.

 So what exactly is IPL?...

 Intense Pulsed Light therapy, is a non-surgical Photofacial Skin Care Treatment. IPL is a very effective, safe method for removing stubborn problems, such as:

Pigmentation and sun spots 

Environmental damage 

Excess or broken blood vessels that are visible on the skin


Uneven skin tone

 bnr ellipse facial 1

ELLIPSE uses completely safe, short bursts of visible light emitted from a flash lamp. The light is then filtered by a dual mode filtering system that ensures that only the light of the correct wavelength reaches the skin. Any harmful wavelengths are eliminated, preventing burns from occurring during treatment.

Due to the harmful wavelengths of light being eliminated, it makes these treatments virtually pain free and incredibly safe on the skin.

There are many factors (including genetics) that cause these stubborn imperfections on the surface the skin, however the most common reasons is of course...


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Dark spots, often called age spots or sun spots are caused by pigment that is produced by the skin to protect itself from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. New blood vessels then grow into the skin in response to skin injury, first to wash out damaged skin debris and later to bring in healing factors.

As our skin ages, the sun spots and broken blood vessels are left behind on the surface of the skin after the inflammation or skin injury has passed.   These pigmented and red vascular spots create an aged appearance to the skin which is called dyschromia. 

IPL (Photofacial) treatments have become the preferred non-surgical anti-aging skin care solution to treat the above mentioned conditions and with good reason.

IPL is gentle on the skin, making this type of treatment safer, with less down time than any other form of treatment.

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Other forms of treatments that are used to remove these types of imperfections are often very harsh on the skin.  They often cause the skin to heat up too much or peel too much, which in turn can lead to scarring.  

IPL uses a bright flash of visible light to target various pigments on the surface of the skin in order to remove that specific imperfection. When this visible light is absorbed by the pigment or blood vessel, the heat from the IPL light destroys the pigment or blood vessel by heating it.  This process is called Target Specific Photothermolysis. A specific target, that is a colour, is heated (thermo) with a light (photo) beam and dissolved or destroyed (lysis).

The pigmentation or sun spot will darken, and the treated blood vessel will also darken. However the skin will be intact. The treated areas may also be slightly pink or brown for a few hours. The next day, your skin will look ‘dirty’ as the pigmentation darkens even more.  

 IPL Pigmentation

I know it sounds a bit barbaric but in this case looking dirty is a good thing...

It indicates that the pigmentation/ sun spot has been successfully burnt and will flake off within a few days.  Within a week or so, your skin will return back to its normal colour with less pigmentation and sun damage


As I mentioned before, harmful and destructive wavelengths of light are eliminated when using this system, making these treatments a lot easier to handle from a pain perspective.  There is minimal discomfort during an IPL treatment. Anesthesia or numbing cream is not required. When the IPL flash hits the skin you will feel a small snap or sting, but this is tolerated by all of my patients.  
Plus it’s worth it when you see how rejuvenated and refreshed your skin looks after the very first treatment.  
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So in nutshell, my suggestion for Spring... Spring Clean your skin with IPL and try out Urban Bliss Wellness Spa’s Sculpt Zone Wrap for detoxification and Good Nutrition for an overall Spring Clean!

The ELLIPSE IPL System is also a great option for Permanent Hair Removal....

....But we’ll chat about that next month