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My New Beginning

They say clarity is a product of adversity; it’s almost as if your experiences in life mould you onto the path you take. That very path led me to my New Beginning- Urban Bliss Wellness Spa… Emphasis on the word Wellness!

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A little insight into my last few years – I suffered with chronic digestive issues, insane sinusitis to inflammation of nerves causing migraines, let’s not mention having nerve block injections, so painful that would make half the springbok rugby team cry. And they made no difference!  I don’t know what was more painful the injections or the hole it burnt into my pocket, I felt an onset of a migraine just looking at the bill!

From losing a father and embracing motherhood, this has all led me to this path. Yes, you thought it, I was a wreck! I came to a stark realisation that my body was saying ENOUGH. I needed to a take a holistic approach to health to stop this speeding freight train to BURN OUT.

Busy mom; Multi-tasker
There has been a global shift to living with purpose and not just for profit. The main priority is wellbeing and finding that delicate balance between all spheres of life, health being the central factor.
 With this in mind I shifted gears and opted for a more integrated approach to health by incorporating functional medicine, wellness massages, reflexology, physiotherapy and practically lived at my osteopath.  I must admit it was a process but I feel a 1000% times better (yay!).

So getting back to my concept, I realised I deeply missed touch therapy, having been out of the industry for two years, and the satisfying feeling I got when I assisted in transforming a client’s skin or making her feel good about herself, there was no option but to re-start a spa. Hence Urban Bliss Wellness was born.
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Integrated wellness was the key, so I devised a plan that would allow clients to benefit from different modalities - normal spa therapies were on the menu but with a twist. Urban Bliss offers bespoke facials (tailored just for you and your specific skin concerns); AND bespoke wellness massages, whether you need energizing, de-stressing or need to target a specific area of tension.

My absolute fave is the Honolulu Ocean Experience. It truly feels like you are on a private island having a massage in the ocean! We use a warm sea water massage concentrate (ask for Rukaiyah or Lerato, they have magic hands) and body wraps that give you the chance to lose up to a dress size in 6 treatments!

massage in a Lake
Urban Bliss can incorporate a warm bubbling mud on your spine or feet to your treatment to assist in reducing STRESS and relaxes all stiff back muscles; it’s just one of many treats we use to help ease the pressures of life. Balance your mind and body by engaging in an outdoor Pilates or Yoga session on our tranquil pool deck with trained professionals, Luana and Saloshnie respectively.

I collaborated with various specialists in their field and tried to get the best of the best to offer their services at Urban Bliss.  Tracy Cheketri is our specialist Medical Aesthetic therapist who uses the latest IPL technology for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation etc. Care to dip into the fountain of youth? Then make sure you visit our resident Aesthetics Doctor.  

That’s the team that makes your wellness your bliss,  and it is all just an appointment away! Pop in and discover your Bliss!

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Hope you enjoy the blog, I aim for it  to be lifestyle based… and not to run the risk of you getting tired of my voice I have asked for some help and have  got some great contributing writers. Look out for some amazing tips on how to live well, feel  great and look your best!