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Body Massage

30 min l R 435 

60 min l R 645

90 min l R 803

Casablanca Rejuvenating Massage

Our deeply rejuvenating signature treatment is designed to get to the root of the problem by relaxing the body and aching muscles. Helps you escape your demanding urban lifestyle by reconnecting with nature through the healing sound of rainfall.

Deep Tissue

Working deep into the muscle to relieve tension and improve flexibility.


Combining a variety of aromatherapy oils tailored to your individual needs - from revitalising, relaxing or invigorating - while still rejuvenating the body.

Hot Stone

A deeply relaxing treatment incorporating warm smooth stones with a manual massage technique to increase circulation, break down toxins that create “knots” and ease aching muscles.


Aimed to offer the expectant mother some reprieve. Alleviates sore muscles and swollen ankles by easing the effects of pregnancy.


30 min l R 435

An ancient Chinese technique that believes the feet to mirror the body as a whole. This massage helps the body return to its natural state of equilibrium.

Bangkok Foot Ritual

30 min l R 379 (excludes mask) 45 min l R 435

A truly blissful experience to help alleviate the feeling of tired legs and aching feet. Ideal for the busy urbanite. Includes a half leg (to above the knee) scrub and mask.