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Specialised Wellness Massages

60 min l R 790

90 min (Body Scrub) l R 990

Honolulu Ocean Experience

For that kissed by the ocean feeling… This calming and re-energising treatment incorporates a warm, enveloping and luxurious seawater concentrate that can be customised to de-stress, relax or assist with lymphatic drainage.

Singapore Sea Holistic

An ultra-relaxing Asian inspired treatment offering gentle warmth and the aromatic scent of lavender flower pouches. Features a combination of massage strokes, pressure and stretching to alleviate tension area-by-area and restore balance.

Monaco Oligomer Spa

A journey for your senses offering relaxation from the moment you step into the treatment room. A multi-sensory massage that incorporates techniques used to create true holistic wellbeing. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated and pampered.

Sao Paulo Candle Massage

A unique treatment with the use of warm soy candles to not only relax the body, but also deeply nourish the skin.